In The Elements of Journalism, the authors say that transparency is the first step in the beginning of a new connection between the journalists and the citizen.  Then it discusses, “approaching them as a new group of sources, organizing their intelligence, vetting and synthesizing that intelligence into a hole”.  Another step involves listening when the… Continue reading SaloSRMMWeek13BlogPost:


Scholastic media access damaged public trust: In my opinion, the publication that brought about the case Papish v. Board of Curators of the University of Missouri, is an example where scholastic media access damaged public trust and relationships with their audience. Barbara Papish was a graduate journalism student at the University of Missouri.  She was… Continue reading SaloSRMMWeek11BlogPost


Lots of good information this week on investigative reporting. Really good examples of the power of good investigative journalism. Some of the examples were a good demonstration of why the press has been called the Fourth Estate. I did find it interesting the recent efforts of the government to withhold information from the public. There… Continue reading SRMMWeek9BlogPost:


Lots of interesting materials this week.  The biggest take-away from it is to always verify information, whether you’re a journalist or the audience. I really appreciate the work of Seymour Hersh, and the exposure he gave to official misconduct. It was interesting- the report he did not print about using fire ants for interrogation tactics. … Continue reading SRMMWeek7BlogPost: